a fly fishing basin of dreams

Agua Negra Lodge

Tsiname, Bolivia.

Tsimane is located within a National Park and Indigenous Territory where the Amazon Jungle meets the Andes in Bolivia. Agua Negra Lodge blends the best aspects of fly fishing: sight-casting, freestone wet wading, light fly tackle, and stalking four tenacious game fish species reaching significant sizes. The location also has great pirapitinga, yatorana, and surubi fishing.

double occupancy tent cabins on elevated wooden platforms. waters of Agua Negra and its tributaries

Pluma Lodge

Tsiname, Bolivia.

This is one of the most incredible, unique, one-of-a-kind fishing trips in existence. The remote nature of the fishing for golden dorado, pacú, and yatorana in this area, combined with the exotic wildlife, the fascinating native cultures, and the overwhelming beauty of the region make for incredible angling and travel experience that is without a doubt one of the most interesting and unique in the world of destination fly fishing.

Itirizama, and the Secure Rivers (above and below the confluence) Five rooms. Double beds and private bathrooms.


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