Fly fishing in Bariloche, Patagonia

North Patagonia Rivers

Top waters in north Patagonia!

We will decide with you where to fish, for which we will take into account the wishes and capabilities of each client.

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    The Manso river is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonia, trouts are...

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    The Collon Cura river presents matchless features and structures, during its length...

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    The Chimehuín is a medium-sized river that rises in Huechulafquen lake and flows...

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    This rivers begins in the confluence of the Rivers Filo Hua Hum and Meliquina. At first...

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    The Malleo river rises at the Tromen lake, originated by the melted waters of ...

  • riverspichileufu1-fly-fishing-patagonia-bariloche-lakes-rivers-hatch-trout-brown-rainbow-adventure-rods-mayfly-stonefly-guides-camps-trips-fontilalis-outfitters-catch-realese


    Pichi in Mapuche language (the indigenous people of Patagonia) means...

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    The Traful river starts in the lake Traful, with land locked salmons...

  • RIVERSLIMAY1-fly-fishing-patagonia-bariloche-lakes-rivers-hatch-trout-brown-rainbow-adventure-rods-mayfly-stonefly-guides-camps-trips-fontilalis-outfitters-catch-realese


    The Limay River starts at the Nahuel Huapi Lake and forms the largest basin in Patagonia, 270 miles long.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • -How to choose the rivers for fishing days?

    In our rivers section, there is a brief description of the best rivers in northern Patagonia, in which we guide. The best choice of the fishing river will depend on certain variables, quantity of water, time of season, current climate…. For all these reasons, we ask that you trust the suggestions of our guides.

  • -When is the best time for fishing?

    There is good fishing throughout the season, it will depend on the river you choose, weather, etc. Both at the beginning and at the end of the season there are many chances to catch some trophy trout. Trust our team of guides for the best choice of the river to fish.

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